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Ready or not… here they come! (the holidays, that is). We all have people on our list that are hard to shop for and when we think about photo gifts we usually think of something to put on the wall. A framed photo isn’t the only kind of photo gift, though. I’ve got some ideas for you!


Gallery walls have become very popular way to decorate a wall but the quickest way to have your art look messy is to have a bunch of crooked frames. You’d be surprised how easy it is for that to happen. Someone lets the door slam shut, walks a little too close to the wall, or a little one reaches toward it, and there go your straight lines. There are two small (and inexpensive) tools I use to create and maintain my gallery wall arrangements. Here they are:

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I can’t be organized! I’m an ARTIST!

There is a long-standing stereotype that creative people are not organized or productive; that our minds don’t work that way and that if we add structure to our day it will hinder our artistic process. Schedules and calendars are for analytical types, not creatives. You can’t plan to be creative it has to happen—when inspiration strikes.

But… what if being organized and managing time well was a good thing?

Creative resources

So… you want to combine different art styles on the same wall… How do you know if they go together? What if they don’t match? What if the room ends up looking messy and cluttered? The gallery walls on decor blogs are beautiful but pulling off the look isn’t always easy. It might be tempting to avoid it altogether. Before you do, here are some ideas.

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Ever been driving down the highway so deep in thought that you go on autopilot and miss your exit? And then when you look around you have no idea where you are? That’s what happened to me recently—not literally—but with my work. I had been doing things without paying attention and I lost something in the process.

Inspiration and motivation

Oh, the joys of moving… Packing, unpacking and all the heavy lifting in between. Since 2005 I have moved a total of eight times. Maybe it’s time to admit I have a commitment problem? There is one thing I love about it. Decorating a new space! Check out my new home office.

Home decor

Many lifetimes ago I owned my first creative business: a floral and event design business with my mom. It was called Fiori Event Design and we owned it for seven years. We worked really hard, had fun, and were heartbroken when we had to close it. If I knew then what I know now… I would have done things differently. Owning that business taught me a lot.

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“The home should be the treasure chest of living.” – Le Corbusier

How do you feel when you walk into your home? Does it make you happy? Do you look around and feel peaceful and content? If your space feels blah but you’re not ready to hire a designer to re-do your entire home, there are a few quick and easy things you can do to freshen things up and bring in some new energy.

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Ah, the ocean. Isn’t it wonderful? The sound of the waves, the scent in the air, the feel of the sun and the wind, and to look out into the open and put everything in perspective. Such a calming experience.

It feels like an eternity since the last time I went to the beach but in reality it hasn’t been that long. It just feels that way since it’s so cold here. I can’t go back yet, so I use my beach photographs to remind myself of how wonderful it feels to be there. Want to join me in dreaming of a beach getaway?