Seven Easy Ways to Refresh Your Decor

“The home should be the treasure chest of living.” – Le Corbusier

How do you feel when you walk into your home? Does it make you happy? Do you look around and feel peaceful and content? If your space feels blah but you’re not ready to hire a designer to re-do your entire home, there are a few quick and easy things you can do to freshen things up and bring in some new energy.

1. Re-arrange your furniture: Sometimes all it takes is moving stuff around to get a completely different perspective. There might be a better way that a certain piece fits in the space. Start with the larger items such as the bed or the couch and then go from there. Sometimes it’s the smaller furniture such as a coffee table that can make a big difference. Just make sure to pay attention to the location of outlets and cable connections since the location of those can determine the placement of certain things.

Changing the art in a room can give it a whole new look.

2. Question the norm: Homes have certain designated spaces for certain activities but do those spaces fit your needs? You might not need a formal dining room—that space might make a great home office. Outline your family’s needs and see what spaces work better for your lifestyle.

3. Hang new art or re-arrange old art: Take inventory of what you have on your walls and how you feel about it. Is there a special painting in a place where you rarely see it? Move it somewhere front and center. Are small pictures scattered about? Group them in an interesting composition. If you don’t have anything on your walls and would like to add more, visit a local art fair or shop. Find something that makes you happy every time you look at it.

Colorful pillows and a new lamp are an easy update.

4. Add new accessories: simple and easy to change, accessories such as pillows, throw blankets and trinkets can instantly freshen up a room. Add a bright color or two that makes you smile. BUT don’t just add things for the sake of it. Add things that you really love and consider donating some of the things you don’t. The last thing that will make your space awesome is a bunch of stuff!

5. Look for thrift store finds: Thrift stores are wonderful for treasure hunts. Just because someone else didn’t want it doesn’t mean that it’s not any good. Often a coat of paint can turn a thrift-store find into a little treasure. Plus, you help out a good cause and reduce waste. A win/win all around.

6. Paint a wall or two: If you are able to (many renters like me are not) a coat of paint on a wall can do wonders. Home improvement stores sell small cans so you can try out any color in a space. I highly recommend doing that to see how it looks in the light in the room before taking the time and effort to do an entire wall to realize you don’t like it.

7. Involve all the senses: Fresh flowers, candles and other scented things can make a space so much more inviting; so can music or wind-chimes even a soft blanket. When arranging flowers try using mismatched vases to create a fun arrangement.

Plants and flowers add freshness and a pop of color.

Take a good look at your surroundings and pick one space to work on at a time. Make some small changes and see how it feels. Then keep going with the momentum! Always follow your instincts and go with whatever makes you happy.