Respond with Yes!

[This is a guest post written by Shirley from hello mamabird]

You have a talent! Great!

You have studied and practiced and are so good at your talent that people would love to work with you. Awesome! But they cannot pay for it and ask you to do it for free… Hm.  Ok, how does that make you feel? Insulted? How dare they ask for something for nothing in return?

Feeling negative about doing work for free comes from your Ego.

Feeling positive about doing work for free comes from your heart.

If you are thinking that there is no place for the heart and feelings in the realm of business I say pish posh! I think that feelings should have a place in business. I just recently read a book called “The Go Giver” by Bob Burg and John David Mann. It is a super quick read and I recommend it! I won’t give away everything. The story revolves around a stressed out businessman and his newly found mentor. Along the way, we are taught 5 business principles that are seemingly anti-business because of how unselfish they are.

To conduct business completely unselfishly in the business world seems like the opposite of what you should be doing but I tried it and I am proof that it works!


It makes sense.

Let’s think about cause and effect. Someone asks you to do something for free, or exposure or credit, or for something other than money and you say ‘no’ because you don’t want to do it for free. The universe hears “No. I don’t want opportunity.” So the universe is going to respect that ‘no’ and the resulting effect will not be in your favor.

Meanwhile, I was given the opportunity a few times to do work for free and I said yes. The universe not only heard that, but also then gave me two paid opportunities! One client in particular, suggested a higher estimate than the one I gave! Who does that?

I said yes because I love what I do. I have a passion for product photography and what I like even more is making people happy by helping them however I can. My job was to find out how I could put the two together. The intent wasn’t, ‘this is how I am going to make a million dollars’, but rather the desire in my heart to help by giving my talent and service away to better the lives of shop owners who maybe have too much on their plate to worry about better photography for their shops.

Being able to step back and see the value in helping others without the guarantee of compensation is kicking your own Ego’s butt. Seeing someone who is using your work, is happy with your work and excited to use it for whatever reason is exhilarating! And you are creating purpose in your life. The universal power of cause and effect is what makes the earth go round and what keeps your heart pumping. You decide how to use that power.

Here’s to using your powers for good while helping others and yourself!

About the author: Shirley writes about motherhood, life, Buddhism, and photography. To read more posts by her, head over to her blog hello mamabird