Photo Gift Ideas that Aren’t for the Walls

Ready or not… here they come! (the holidays, that is). We all have people on our list that are hard to shop for and when we think about photo gifts we usually think of something to put on the wall. A framed photo isn’t the only kind of photo gift, though. I’ve got some ideas for you!

Phone cases

Custom photo phone case gift
Vintage Polaroid meets iPhone 8

Team iPhone (even the new iPhone X) or team Galaxy this gift will go with them everywhere. Plus, you can customize size of the photo and the orientation however you prefer (I changed the one above to vertical and moved the Polaroid camera towards the right).


custom cover notebook gift
A snowflake because they are unique.

For those that like to write on paper there are hundreds of notebooks to choose from.

Carry-all pouches

artist paint brushes photo gift
Because art supplies

There are so many ways to use these pouches: carry art or school supplies, organize small tech and cables, pack toiletries for travel, take makeup in a larger bag. They come in three sizes small (6″ x 4″), medium (9.5″ x 6″) and large (12.5″ x 8.5″) with two different bottom styles (regular and “T”).

Even if you decide to buy a photo gift that is meant to hang on the wall there are different options like prints on wood! Here’s to an awesome holiday season. Happy shopping.

PS click here to shop by collection (every photo has the options I mentioned in this post).

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