Dreaming of a Beach Getaway

Ah, the ocean. Isn’t it wonderful? The sound of the waves, the scent in the air, the feel of the sun and the wind, and to look out into the open and put everything in perspective. Such a calming experience.

It feels like an eternity since the last time I went to the beach but in reality it hasn’t been that long. It just feels that way since it’s so cold here. I can’t go back yet, so I use my beach photographs to remind myself of how wonderful it feels to be there. Want to join me in dreaming of a beach getaway?

One of the best things about California beaches are the sunsets.

ocean sunset photograph
Nothing Gold Can Stay

Sometimes the colors are amazing and all I can do is stand there in awe of what I am seeing.

lavender clouds at the beach
Like a Mirror

And if there are clouds, even better.

golden ocean sunset
All That Glitters

Foggy and moody marine layer days are good, too.

foggy morning at the beach

When you’re a beach person like me, every day at the beach is a good day—regardless of the weather. It’s the perfect place to just be. I have photographed the ocean for so long I find myself a little lost for inspiration without it. But I’m getting there. Winter in Denver has lots of beauty, too. 🙂 Are you a beach, mountain or city person? Where’s your favorite place to be?