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Many lifetimes ago I owned my first creative business: a floral and event design business with my mom. It was called Fiori Event Design and we owned it for seven years. We worked really hard, had fun, and were heartbroken when we had to close it. If I knew then what I know now… I would have done things differently. Owning that business taught me a lot.

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If you have considered selling your art online chances are you’ve come across Fine Art America. At first glance it looks like the perfect place: very low upfront costs, lots of ways to print, money back guarantee for buyers, and they handle printing, packing and shipping. The only problem is, not all artists are making money on Fine Art America. In fact, many aren’t.

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Are you making money on Fine Art America? Or on RedBubble or Society6? Lots of sites offer convenient print on demand sales and all of them have tons of artists trying to make some money doing what they love. Many people think it’s not possible to sell art on websites like these because there’s too much competition. The market is saturated and there isn’t room for more. That’s partially true, but there is room for more. You can sell your work and you can make money. I do.

I’ve heard from fellow artists that they’d like to know how I sell my work on Fine Art America so I’m going to spill the beans and share what I do. This is the first of [probably] two posts on the topic because there’s a lot of info.

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I began my first business a long time ago. Before blogging, social media, and smartphones were the business tools they are today. Many people don’t know this about me, but my first business was designing wedding flowers. For seven years (together with my mom) I owned and operated an event and floral design studio in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I loved it. I was good at it. And eventually I closed it which broke my heart. This is the story of how it began and the events that led to the closing.

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It’s true, there are a lot of photographers these days. To say that the market is competitive is one heck of an understatement. But the number of marketing resources available make it possible for the business-savvy photographer to get noticed even in a sea of others. You just have to be intentional in your efforts. So, in light of my third year at Social Media Marketing World this week, I want to share 5 awesome (and free) marketing tools for artists and photographers. AND I’m also including a little extra bonus at the end that isn’t free but it’s super affordable.

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In today’s exceedingly visual world images and videos are everywhere. Social media, advertisements, entertainment—it’s become the most important form of communication. Images allow us to convey information more quickly (and sometimes better) than the written word. We even use emojis to say things via text messages! So if photographers are fluent in visual, what’s the point of writing a blog?

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[This is a guest post written by Amy from]

“What do a computer hard drive and a gerbil have in common? Their average lifespan is about 3-5 years.” – T.E. Ronneberg

Curling and perhaps cracked around the edges, your grandparents’ black-and-white wedding photos stand a better chance of surviving than your own digital photos. Read More Today is World Backup Day – Keep Your Photos Safe

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Are you a professional? Different people define professional in different ways. For some, being a professional means making money from their art. For others it’s more about the attitude they have towards their work. While I have always considered myself a professional by both of these definitions, I had no idea I was making such a big mistake when it came to how I approach my art.

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Someday soon I plan to teach a class on marketing for artists. I do not believe in the glory of the starving artist concept and I see nothing wrong with making money from your art if that is what you choose to do. My goal and my reason for teaching is to help artists succeed in making money from their work.

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