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Ah, the ocean. Isn’t it wonderful? The sound of the waves, the scent in the air, the feel of the sun and the wind, and to look out into the open and put everything in perspective. Such a calming experience.

It feels like an eternity since the last time I went to the beach but in reality it hasn’t been that long. It just feels that way since it’s so cold here. I can’t go back yet, so I use my beach photographs to remind myself of how wonderful it feels to be there. Want to join me in dreaming of a beach getaway?

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Continuing my Into The Ocean project, I visited Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier in Long Beach. That week there been having  record heat in Southern California so I got there early. Okay, maybe 10am isn’t early for you morning people but given that it’s an hour and a half away, I had to take care of Bruno, AND have coffee it was early enough for me!

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Since today is Halloween, I thought photos of spooky abandoned buildings would be appropriate. However, I’m a big chicken when it comes to scary movies, haunted houses and any other creepy stuff. Yes, I’ll admit it. Heck, I’d almost say I’m proud of it. But in spite of that, I loved taking pictures in this place. So much so that I went by myself a couple of times. Even if I only had the guts to go during the day…

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It was late on a Friday morning and a beautiful sunny California day. Taking advantage of my flexible work hours, I headed to Ocean Beach to check another pier off my list. Even though it’s closer than many of the other piers I’ve photographed, getting to OB Pier is a challenge given the narrow streets and constant traffic so I had avoided it for a while.

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Documenting all of the California piers is my calling. No, really, it may sound silly but that’s the truth. This project found me years ago and I keep adding to it pier by pier. This is Scripps Pier – it is part of the Scripps Intitution of Oceanography at UCSD. And this is another chapter in my Into The Ocean project.

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Blah, blah, blah, passion, blah, blah, blah, follow your dreams. That’s the usual inspirational speech, isn’t it? Or at least something along those lines. Until the day when you find something that, as an artist, you are super excited about. Then it all makes sense and you might even start speaking your own blah blah blah’s. That’s kind of what’s happened to me with my Into The Ocean project because when I start telling people about it I just can’t stop. So, continuing the project, this is Oceanside Pier. It’s the closest pier to me so I go there often.

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Imperial Beach Pier is the southernmost pier in the country. Although it’s only about an hour drive for me, it’s always felt very far. That day, far was good because I needed a drive to clear my head. Once again I visited a pier in the middle of the week to continue my Into The Ocean project and to see if I could clear some of the demons out of my mind.

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I am so super excited about this that I couldn’t wait to post it. Couldn’t even write much about it, I was just so anxious to show it off. Once you see it, you’ll know why this is so exciting. I’ve created a map of the California ocean piers which will be part of my Into The Ocean project. This map is a powerful visual of the amount of piers in the state and also of my progress in documenting them.

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Black and white or color? Sometimes it’s not an easy answer. Sometimes the answer is ‘both’. My Into The Ocean project is in black and white. I made that choice because it allows for better comparison of the piers and usually it’s what works best. During this trip to Hermosa Beach Pier, it wasn’t such an easy choice.

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A storm was coming. It was forecast to be one heck of a storm and it was all the news could talk about. Of course Southern California storms always make the news because any kind of weather is a big deal in these parts. I was on a deadline, and I had decided that I was going to go shoot Newport Pier as part of my Into The Ocean project.

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