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“Making money to support your art is not selling out. Allowing others to determine its direction, is.” – Colin Wright

This quote expresses clearly a concept that has been in my head for several months now and I have been debating whether or not to publish this post for a while. It’s never easy to share personal struggles, but my hope is that for every post I share there might be a person out there who realizes they’re not alone. So, here goes.

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Look around today and you’ll see a multitude of books on mindfulness, living in the moment, finding meaning and simplifying your life. There seems to be a shift in this direction, or maybe that’s what I see everywhere because my life is shifting in this direction. The things I have lived through during the past four+ years have led me to radically change my values and the pursuit of a simpler and more meaningful life has become my focus (no pun intended).

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Material possessions are an unavoidable reality; on our travels and throughout our lives we collect things. But these things aren’t, at least for me, just things. I am a very sentimental person and with every object there are a multitude of feelings and memories. When my mother died she left me a lot of things – beautiful things. In spite of my efforts to reduce the amount of things that I own I have had a very difficult time parting with all these beautiful objects. With this new photography project, I am exploring the beauty in these things and creating something that goes beyond the object and is deeply personal.

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Currently, it’s tomato season in Southern California and there’s nothing better than fresh, ripe tomatoes. Not the bland ones that have been picked before ripening and then traveled for miles but the sweet, juicy ones with tons of flavor from the farmers’ market. The Vista Farmers’ Market is fantastic – lots of organic produce from local farms as well as prepared food and arts and crafts. Everything there is fresh and reasonably priced.

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Cherry tomatoes at the market

Every Saturday, local vendors set up their booths at the market and display whatever is in season. One of the best things about San Diego is the fact that there are farmers’ markets across town every day of the week and throughout the year. No matter where you live there is a weekly farmers’ market nearby. That makes it easy to buy fresh, organic produce and, as an added benefit of shopping at any one of these markets, your dollars support the local economy in a very direct way.

The produce from the Vista Farmers’ Market is excellent quality and makes not just delicious meals but great photography subjects. Everything I bought I chose with both purposes in mind. Keep reading to see the other photos…

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Hello and welcome to my new blog! After more than a year of absence, I have decided to re-launch with more valuable and relevant content. I have learned that living…

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It all started with a project I did last year called “Forbidden Foods” that project made a statement on those foods that we love, that aren’t good for us, but that we can’t live without. It has now morphed into what I call “What are you Eating?” a food photography project about what is in our foods. This project seeks to portray in a playful way that there are ingredients in our food that we are unaware of and that can ultimately cause harm. Regulations for food labeling are under debate and even when an ingredient is listed in the food do we actually know what it is and what it can do to our bodies? Is ignorance really bliss? This project is intended to make people stop and think and make them realize that they may not be aware of everything that is in their food.

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Last fall I received an email I thought was spam. Someone contacted me and asked if I would be interested in partnering with Pottery Barn and become one of their artists. I thought it was a joke. Turned out it wasn’t. I kept it secret while we were in negotiations because I actually was afraid it might not happen. But it did. It is an incredible honor that I my work is part of Pottery Barn’s wall art collection. The whole process was really interesting.

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As is my tradition (since 2010 :-)) I wanted to take the last photograph of 2012 on December 31st. I went out with the intention of getting local Christmas lights…

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I have to say I’m somewhat relieved that the year is almost over and that I made it through the holiday season. It wasn’t easy. This year was a roller coaster…

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